Dear friends,

In order to enrich our offer we have for you next service.
You can buy here restoration, completely working large format cameras, objectives and new pinholes.


Why restoration cameras?
In the beginning I remade cameras for me, but I like it so much, that I want to continue with it and then offer you those cameras. It´s beautiful experience for me to give old cameras a new lease of life and chance to create again beautiful pieces of art - your art.
By the way I promised to every camera while refurbishing that they will live amazing moments with their new owner :-)


Why objectives?
Because without them the camera is like a body without head :-)

Why pinholes?
They put a spell on me and since couple of years I do make photographs with them.
I admit it´s like a drug … once you try you want it again and again.
I like its different non human view of the world. I am still fascinated by the fact that I do images while using a small whole. And I like also those moments when I impatiently develop the negatives to see captured moment by pinholes world. Yes, I make compositions, define the limits of the image, but pinhole always adds its part. It is unpredictable, that´s why I love it :-)


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